Compass Realty was created to serve Southwest Michigan in all of its real estate needs. Each of our agents have been purposely chosen, trained, and tested to give you the highest quality of service and technical skills to accomplish and surpass your real estate expectations. Whether you are a first time homebuyers, 2nd Homes, Investments, Lake Homes and everything in between, we are committed to Guiding you Home!

The Concept for Compass Realty was created while its creator, David Chapman, and others were lost in the woods in Northern Michigan. David and his team were attending a retreat in Northern Michigan. The retreat comprised of team building, trust exercises, hikes, kayaking and creative outbreaks that were spurred on by walks in the uncharted woods. On one of these creative walks, one member of the team had a broken compass. In following this broken compass, the team had found themselves lost in the woods, and dusk was fast approaching. The reality of danger set in as the low growl of black bear and the call of coyotes echoed through the woods. Sitting in the dark at that moment, David envisioned walking through a real estate transaction without the guidance and direction of a professional that worked for his clients. Many times, unfortunately, agents have other agendas such as money, sales and bonuses. And like the broken compass, the buyer or seller can get lost. David, sitting in the dark and in lost thought, came to the realization that no one should ever have to feel like this, especially in the biggest financial decision of their lives. And from that moment, Compass Realty had a mission:

“Guiding you Home”

This is our motto, credo and goal, to guide you home, wherever that may be.

It has been and will continue to be our honor to serve you in all of your real estate needs. Thank you for your trust and loyalty. It is an honor to serve you and our community, always Guiding you Home!

In an effort to continue to give back to our community and heroes we offer a discount to: Active and Veteran Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Teachers and Medical Professionals. We love our Heroes and it is an honor to give back to them in a tangible way.


Congratulations to Brandon and Aubry on your new home purchase in Paw Paw! It was an honor to represent you and your family through this process. Thank you for trusting us at Compass Realty to Guide you Home.


Congratulations to Maria on the purchase of your new home in Hartford. We are so proud of you, here at Compass Realty. Well Done!!! Thank you for trusting us at Compass Realty to Guide You Home!


Congratulations to Neil and Kailee on the sale of their first home! Proud of you both, it was an honor to Guide you Home!